Eeeew, that's disgusting!...
Ouch! That must hurt!... Actually quite the opposite, it feels very nice. Imagine your man sucking
on your clitoris, mhhhh, nice isn't it?

You also may ask, why in the world would any woman try such a thing or want to have a big clit
like that?
Let me explain.
In case you didn't know, women with bigger clitoris' experience a more intense climax, every single
time, they also experience it much easier and reach it a whole lot faster than women with a tiny

I have been recommending this to women for a quite a while now.
The cylinders come in many sizes, and you can always adjust how much you want to suck in and
how big you want your clitoris to be. The results are not lasting unless you perform this exercise
every single day for months and months.
Just doing it will not turn your clitoris humongous like you saw in the video.
It's upto you, no one else, it's upto you how much you can take, as well...

I also recommend this for my frisky adventurous couples/lovers :)
You can let your lover do this for you. It
IS fun just be careful and don't get over zealous. It can
hurt if you start off sucking too much and too fast. Be gentle and take it slow, especially when you
are doing it on someone else.
Even if you want to do it only for a moment, it will still bring the blood circulation to the nerve
endings and enhance the feeling in your clitoris. I want to emphasize again, you don't have to do it
hard, just to the point where you feel pleasure and blood rushing to the nerve endings making your
clit throb with anticipation, is fine :)

You may also do it secretly, alone, just a minute or two before your man licks your clit, you can
keep it in your shower cabinet under the sink, make sure you keep it clean and safe in a bag,
wrapped tightly... Suck your clitoris in during the shower, wash your entire body before you pull it
off... you will feel the difference while you are washing your pussy, you can suck it in again while
you are drying off... you will be able to tell the difference in the pleasure sensitivity and intensity
very much. And just think how much you will make His job easier and shorter ;)

If you keep it in a drawer next to your bed, use it while he is taking a shower before bed. Even if
you are single, you can do it before you masturbate. Simply suck your clit in, don't forget
lubricant, may be your own juices, as long as you have enough ;)  ...count to 60 and release.

Wait 30 sec's, suck it in again, count to 70 and release again,
Wait  40 sec's suck it in, Count to 80 and let go,
repeat until 100 or 120 depending on how sensitive you want your little rosebud to be... the more
you do it, and the more you hold,
the more sensitive the clit will become and the
faster you will achieve orgasm from his touch/tongue, or a vibe :)

If you are wondering where you can find such a contraption, here is a link: but please make sure you get the metal pump, not the plastic.
The plastic ones break very easily. If you plan to play this way a lot, I would highly recommend
purchasing a real electric vacuum pump like that from Dr. Kaplan.

This may be used with a variety of attachments for men and women nipples, clitoris and penis.
Pumps and systems for Men.

As with women men use the pumps for the purpose of increased sensitivity and temporary enlargement. There are no
facts posted or testimonials by actual user that the enlargement is permanent, but it does work temporarily and it
feels very, very good. I also highly recommend penis pumps for men who suffer from Premature Ejaculation and
Erectile Dysfunction. It works, you just have to stick with it, don't do it for results, do it for pleasure :)

I do like Doc Johnson products . They are high quality and if you search for them on eBay they are much more
affordable than in online or retail stores.
They do have men's pumps on extreme restraints website as well.

Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Penis Pump is also another excellent quality pump.
It's costly, and I hate overpaying for anything, I always look for the best quality for the best possible price, but
this one is well worth the price. Stay away from the Plastic Cheesy Pumps and cylinders, you will be greatly
disappointed. I promise to only provide you with well researched links and products, some are even tested by
me, so I know if it's a good product before I recommend it.

Unless they change something after I post the link you will only get recommendation from me to the best on the
Clit Pumps and Pussy Pumps

Female vacuum pumping is relatively new and there doesn't exist a lot of different equipment for it. I have
shopped around for the better products and listed them on this page. They are all available at, except for the last one. (This is yet another fetish store, but it seems like these are the
only places that sell the quality stuff.) As with most adult toys, the best products are usually the more expensive

Pussy Pumping Cup (acrylic)

Used by the pros. This is a high-quality vacuum cup made of
industrial-grade clear acrylic ("Plexiglas"). The device fits
completely over the vulva. Why pump your entire pussy?
The clitoris has legs, yes, they extend all the way into your
labia minora. If you pump your entire pussy, it may not look
beautiful, although some really like the swollen pussy image,
it is after all how you can tell a woman is aroused, the more her
pussy and lips swell the more aroused she is...
but it sure as heck makes your pussy feel good.
Just connect a vacuum pump and watch
your labia swell and get sucked into the cup.
Measures 3 inches wide, 4 inches long and 2 inches deep.
(1 inch = 2.54 cm)
$72.00 at Pump not included.

Deluxe hand pump with pressure gauge

Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

Metal vacuum pump, with pressure gauge for accuracy
and safety. Designed for one hand use. Works with the
acrylic Pussy Pumping Cup and Clitoral Cylinder.
$67.50 at For an even better
pump click here.
plastic pussy pump (aka The Vagina Sucker)

Plastic Pussy Pump

Cheap alternative to the more sophisticated product above.
Includes plastic hand pump. Creates less suction and is
not ideal for labia enlargement. Still, a decent device for
someone who just wants to explore the pleasures of pussy
Plastic cup measures 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.
$28.00 at
or $42.95 at (includes DVD)
clitoral enlargement cylinder

Clitoral Enlargement Cylinder (acrylic)

High-quality vacuum cylinder made of industrial-grade
clear acrylic ("Plexiglas"). Connect a pump to create a
vacuum which will swell the clitoris. Use alot of lube,
it is crucial for an effective suck.
Can also be used for nipple stimulation or enlargement.
Internal diameter is 5/8 of an inch and different sizes are avail.
$30.00 at

And another plastic vagina sucker

Extra Large Pussy Pump

This is another inexpensive plastic pussy pump. Because
of its large size most women will have difficulty creating a
good seal. Only useful for women with a large genital area.
Creates less suction than the others.
Plastic cup measures 3½ inches wide, 6¼ inches long and
3 inches deep.
$32.00 at

To be totally honest I my self shop on ebay for all my toys and adult supplies.
Here is a link to their Adult section. Please note... you must have an account with ebay other wise they will not
allow you to access that section. They are very strict.
Also check out this one: Pipedream Products
Enlargement/Enhancement Pumps

Penis Pump... Oh Yeah!
Deliciously Naughty
Pussy Pump... Yum
Penis Pump
Pussy Pump
What is a clitoral pump (clit pump)?
A clit pump is made up of a small hand-pump connected through a tube to a pliable suction-cup that fits over the clitoris and/or
labia. The cup can be oval or circular, with the smaller cups used on the clitoris and the larger cups fitting over the labia and
clitoris. The suction is created when the cup lies in direct contact with the skin, while the hand pump creates a vacuum. The
quick release valve on most clitoral pumps will allow for a quick reduction in suction. The cups/cylinders are made of pliable
material such as rubber, silicone, (plastiglass or glass for the better quality ones) allowing for complete contact with the skin
and resulting in stronger suction.

How does a clitoral pump work?

Any woman who has had a partner gently suck on the labia or clitoris will be able to attest to the virtues of light suction in
sexual pleasure. Suction brings the blood flow to the nerve endings at the surface of the skin, thus causing extra oxygen to feed
the cells, improving lubrication, increasing sensitivity to the touch by pumping up the volume, and creating a warming sensation
to make you more aware of your sexual arousal.

What to Look For in a Clit Pump

Suction strength:
Many women complain that some clitoris pumps on the market are simply not strong enough. I do like this
clitoral pump it is the best one I have ever sampled and it's very good quality, but it's costly, you may also look for cheaper
hand pumps. Hand pumps are easy to control and give you just the right amount of suction.

Skin-to-cup contact:
I do like the "Advanced Clitoral Pump" which has a flexible handle making it is easy angle the cup without breaking the suction,
while the smaller head and pliable material fits nicely around the clitoris.

Size and Shape:
The whole goal to clit pumps is to get suction. And to get suction you need good skin-to-cup contact. Look for the right size
and shape for you. If you like focused clitoral stimulation you will probably like a pump with a smaller head. If you like more
diffuse stimulation, a larger cup to surround the labia and clitoris is better for you. Keep in mind your individual size and shape.