Is My Pussy Pretty?

A lot of women if not all, are worried about whether their labia or overall
look of their pussy is considered attractive. Read through this page and
decide for your self. In my opinion, to the man or woman who truly
loves you, your pussy should be the most beautiful, most tasty one they
ever had, just because it's a part of you.

Is my p*ssy pretty? Do men have preferences in appearance when it
comes to female genitalia?

We are going to talk about a very delicious and erotic subject: woman’s
pussy and the way it looks.
As you understand, I am especially interested in this topic because I am
a woman and I have a pussy (lol).
I recently read this letter and would love to hear from you gentlemen, so
here it is:

Well, the question for all you men out there:
I have a question for all men who enjoy pleasing a woman. Let me
expand a little so you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been seeing this
man who, no matter what I say or do, won’t go down on me. In 2
months, he’s only gone down 2X and for only about 1 minute. All he
wants is to penetrate. Finally, I told him to be honest with me and tell me
why he doesn’t want to please me. He said that there are 3 types of
pussies: 1-the one he just wants to eat all the time, 2-the one he will
never eat, and 3-the one where it doesn’t matter whether he eats or not.
He told me mine was #3 and that it was average in appearance. He said
some woman have a pussy that is higher and open. Mine is low and
inverted (according to him). He said mine smells very good, just like the
ones he likes to eat. The funny thing is that he has a small penis and he
knows it. But I enjoy going down on him and found the position that will
give us both the best sensation. My principal sexual organ is the mind,
not the body.

Question: Do men normally categorize a woman’s pussy?

First. I have to say, if a man is not willing to "eat your kitty" and give
you pleasure, why would you ever give him a bj?

To women clitoral orgasm is more important even than a blow job is to
men, I wish I could make this clear enough.

If your man will not pleasure you orally, but expects you to do it for him,
he is being very selfish and does not care about your satisfaction.

Second. I know that I’m not the only woman who says this, still, let me
tell you that I have a lot of respect for all you men who enjoy pleasing a
woman orally. It takes a REAL MAN to want to give his woman all he
can give. Women not only enjoy it, but thanks to our Joker creator, he
put the main source of our pleasure on the outside of the vagina, lol.

If you read my article "Does size matter?" and "how to please a pussy",
you will already know that unless you have a penis bent upwards to
stimulate our g-spot and can last "erect" for a long time, it is very rare
for a woman to cum from intercourse. Our primary source of achiving
climax is our clitoris, second source is the g-spot, third nipples and our
biggest sex organ~"our minds" in no particular order. It also takes more
than 2-3 minutes to achive it, no matter how good you are, and no, to
women one orgasm is never enough, we need more than one to feel we
got to the "release" stage. You don't have to use your tongue all the time,
we know it can eventually hurt, you also have fingers and toys. Just
finish with your mouth, it is most beneficial ;)

The more orgasms you give a woman the more intense the next one is.

Unless you have a twisted penis and you are hitting your womans g-spot
while you are pounding away, you can assume that she maybe faking it.
No it doesn't mean that it doesn't feel good, it may feel heavenly, but it is
NOT an orgasm. Women moaning doesn't mean she is cumming, women
being wet, doesn't mean she is cumming, there are very specific and
noticeable signs of an orgasm which are described in grea detail on my
site. As far as the looks of a pussy, it should never be looked upon as
pretty or not pretty, it is a "part of your lover", the source of her
pleasure, the temple of her ecstasy.

If you are with a man who ever criticizes your genitalia he doesn't
deserve to be with any woman. Same goes for women who criticize their
man's penis. Why can't we simply see it as a "tool of pleasure", a remedy
for stress and pain, a fountain of youth.

I can not believe that it matters at all, what the one body part that "No
One Else can see", looks like.

It is only for the two of you. Who cares what it looks like as long as it
does the job and functions properly? I know some people have
preferences, but if you truly love someone, does it really make a
difference if it's pretty or not? What makes it pretty?

What makes it arousing or sexy, or appealing so that you just want to eat
it all the time, or just can't imagine putting your mouth there?

I can only assume that men have different tastes in genital apprearance
as they do about other parts of our bodies. I wonder how do you cope
with a partner who has a great personality and you adore their outer
appearance, but when it comes to love making you can not stand the
appearance of their private parts.

Can we adjust our attitude to think it is just a source of your partners
pleasure, as I said above? Or will we make our lover suffer for what they
were born with, and not give them what they need the most.

This guy simply has no idea about how to please a woman, or he doesn't
care about pleasing a woman.  

He just sounds very selfish and arrogant to me.

Now that you know, I can only hope you will change your attitude, but
can you honestly say, have you ever judged and catogorized a womans
pussy by it's looks?

Your low-hanging pussy is so sexy

From Marcy, a female reader: "I love my low hanging pussy lips. It's a
very erotic sensation to feel my big lips squeezed between my thighs
when I sit or walk. Because they hang so low I'm continuously aware of
them. It makes me feel very sexy."

Yes Marcy, and it must also be very sexy to see your hanging pussy peek
from between your legs!

Symmetrical Labia Minora and Majora

The above picture is an example of a great set of labia. Both the labia
minora and majora are symmetrical and well developed. The labia
majora are full and bulbous and they create a round profile between the
top of the inner thighs. Measured from the pubic bone they are about
one inch thick (2.5 cm).

Although the labia minora are a little on the thin side, thanks to their
adequate length and because they protrude along the whole curve of the
outer lips they make for a beautiful and sexy vulva. Measured from the
entrance of the vagina they are about 1.5 to 2 inches long (approx. 4
cm), depending of course on the girl's sexual mood.

Meaty labia minora
It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, the look of this Brazilian
babe with her bubble-butt and bulbous bulging pussy is just plain
gorgeous, a feast for the eyes and senses alike. The thin tan-line from her
tiny sexy thong  accentuates the roundness of her delicious curves.

There are so many shape, color and size variations in each and every
woman, that all that should ever matter is that yours is very unique to
you, any man who is with you, will love your pussy because it is a part of
the woman he loves.

A man who truly loves you, will see your pussy as a source for giving
you endless pleasure :)

Here are some more pussy close ups so you can see how different and
unique every woman is.
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